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Posted on 06/19/13 1 Comment I tried to have a day off today. After 4 calls in the morning, one of which told me that the Coltri Sub compressor on our dive boat, which we had just fixed having a bad second stage intake valve, which then blew out the gasket just over and between the first stage intake and exhaust valves, I decided that a day off was not in my immediate near future. I went to the MV Saifon, Adventure Divers boat, and sure enough, after three straight days of big and small problems, it hasn't gotten better. I started the Coltri Sub and the same symptoms as a week ago were there. The third stage piston, a free piston, driven closed by a push from the push rod, but driven open by pressure alone, was clattering, meaning that in the third stage there is not enough pressure to drive it open. Right now, being completely bored with these continuous problems, hope to get Steve, from Easy Tek, to come out to the boat and remove the offending compressor to fix it and to install one that he has in his shop that he uses for training purposes.

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  1. Neo says:
    Wednesday, June 19, 2013 at 10:09pm

    Hey Robert!

    As we talked about today, I think the problem is that that compressor has a recommended run time of 2000 hours before a complete rebuild; and you are running that compressor on a rebuild schedule based on “days long ago” before Adventure Divers Pattaya was as busy as she is now.

    As discussed, if you average running the compressor on the boat 6 hours a day (on average) and average doing that around 300 days a year; then you are right up to nearly 2000 hours a year. So, more-than-likely, you will have to do a complete rebuild each year, not a partial rebuild.

    That’s good thing! Adventure Divers Pattaya is getting busier and busier each year; and the compressors run longer and longer; and so partial rebuilds once a year are just not enough to keep up with all the gas you pump for your customers!

    In conclusion, all these recent equipment “trials and tribulations” are just a testimony to the fact that your dive business continues to grow year-over-year.



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