It’s The Small Things Make Life Difficult

Posted on 06/18/13 1 Comment If you have read "So, You Want To Own a Dive Shop?" you may be interested to know that after two days of trying to get it sorted out, we seem to have done so. Yesterday evening,Gen Problem_910 after a day of diving, we installed our old compressor, having been rewound, and reinstalled the Coltri Sub compressor that we had to fix, and started up at first the generator. Adjusted the RPM of the diesel engine turning the compressor and got a reading of 220 Volts. Good start! Next we started the recently fixed Coltri Sub compressor and it went easily into working mode. Still going along. We turned off the Coltri Sub and started the Bauer compressor. It works!! Then we tried to turn on the Coltri Sub while the Bauer was still pumping tanks. Everything slowed down (voltage dropped) ... Oh No!!!  F_ _K!!! Another night pumping tanks from someone else's boat and more expense. After today's diving we had a few people in to look at the problem. The engine people confirmed their motor as working well. The guy who installed the generator swears it's not the generator's fault. So, we called in an independent electrician to look at the generator. after a few minutes, he found what he called a diode and pronounce it as a problem. 200 Baht for the "Diode" and 200 Baht for the electrician and all seems to be working as advertized. Finally!!!!

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  1. Neo says:
    Wednesday, June 19, 2013 at 1:44am

    Engineering note:

    Generally, engineers describe a voltage-generating source by the type of voltage it provide. Alternators produce alternating current (AC) and generators produce direct current (DC). The AC sine waves produced by the generator core are presented to a diode bridge to convert the AC to DC. This conversion process is known as rectification and the diodes (described in this post) are a part of what is called the rectifier.


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