Dolphins at Koh Sak

Posted on 06/12/13 No Comments Dolphin at Koh Sak near Pattaya Over the past 5 months or so there have been a pair of Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins spotted around the Koh Sak and HTMS Kud area. More times than not, people spot them from the surface but some lucky people have had the chance to see them while scuba diving. I have had the good luck to have seen them four times while underwater, the most memorable time was while on a small decompression stop on the HTMS Kud at 6 meters, the pair of dolphins came to check out us two divers just hanging around at 6 meters, near Pattaya. The circled us around five times, sometimes coming to within two meters of us. As this was the first time I had seen them, even though I was carrying my underwater camera with me, I simply forgot to take it out and snap some underwater shots of them, until they had swum away. Their presence here in the Pattaya diving area is a great thing for us, as we can now honestly say that while diving with us you have a chance to view some dolphins underwater. The video below was taken on the 10th of June, 2013 by a group of divers diving from Adventure Divers boat.

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