Hin Shallam

Posted on 11/02/12 1 Comment Gerhart, who has been diving with us for some time now, requested that we go on day to do the Hardeep wreck in Samaesan. We went on the 31 October, 2012 and brought Torsten with, and when we jumped in to do the wreck we were more than pleasantly surprised to see that there was no current at all and the visibility was up to 25 meters. I took some great video but unfortunately did not get my white balance correct while on the wreck, so I will try to process the video of the Hardeep wreck to correct this. However, as an added bonus, we went out to Hin Shallam, a dive I have long wanted to do but somehow every time I tried the weather and waves would not allow it. With only a little current running, we jumped in and witnessed even better visibility than on the Hardeep. Without exaggeration there was 30 meters visibility in places, something I have never experienced in this area before. What a great dive we had.

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  1. Piracetam says:
    Wednesday, November 21, 2012 at 5:33pm

    Hi Peter, Done the “Hardeep” many times over the last few years. Your right, the current can be wicked at times. I am going with a friend and newly certified AOW diver. I think the experience will be very good for him from a training perspective. I am psyched to show him the wreck and depending on current the unexploded bomb. Perhaps we could go on May 5 as well. Would be great to get some of the BKK divers out, even if only a “local” outing. I looked over your website. Great pictures and info. indeed. I also like Steve Burton’s website (http://www.thaiwreckdiver.com/hardeep_wreck.htm), RE: Thai wrecks. It was interesting grabbing a few beers with him a few weeks back. His website has been helpful with my student divers prior to diving the Hardeep. Talk about a lot of work to put something together! I really need to buy a copy of the Suddhadib video as well. If you have any extra copies please bring one for me.


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