HTMS Phetra

Posted on 10/15/12 No Comments While we have been watching three other wrecks going down in the past two years, one in Koh Tao, one in Chumphon, and the biggest one soon to be sunk at it's name sake, Koh Chang, apparently behind the scenes that we have been aware of, there has been some planning and action taken to bring yet another wreck here to Pattaya waters. If the latest rumors are correct the HTMS Phetra, a LCT (Landing Craft Tank) of the MK 6 class, will be sunk here off of Koh Larn on the 20th of October, 2012. If this is to be a reality, the ship must already be prepared in an environmentally and Diver safe way and be ready for towing and sinking. The rumor also says that the wreck is meant to be sunk off of Koh Larn. That is great and I hope that they are planning to sink it on the south-west side. Here are some reasons why: 1.The north side of the island, being constricted by Koh Sak is congested with boat traffic and there is a lot of speed boats leaving Ko Larn's port and traveling around the island. 2.When the currents are running, the north side runs very strong, probably due to the constricted water way, where as the south side is protected from the currents on a dropping current, and if the wreck were to be laid down an a east-west line, then the wreck itself would offer the lee side to dive her even on an incoming tide. 3. During the high season, (winter months) the winds are from the north, driving sometimes strong waves from the north. The south side of the island would protect the site from these waves. 4. The corals on the south side at our proposed location go down to 18 meters. If the wreck would be positioned there at 20 meters, you could do a long wreck dive and come up slowly on the corals and do your safety stop / deco stop on the corals. Additionally, Open Water Divers could visit the wreck and you could simultaneously do Discover Scuba Divers in the shallows and a wreck at 20 meters. 5. In this position it would be easy to do coral dives on Koh Rin, our favorite coral dives, and do a wreck on the way out or back as it would be almost directly in line with Bali Hai pier. 6. While not in the shipping lane, the north side of the island is certainly the closest point to the commercial shipping lanes, the south being the furthest. 7. Here is a link to a map we made a few years ago to illustrate where we think the best place would be. New Wreck Placement In researching this ship, I have been able to find a little of her history but more information on the type LCT Mk6 Class. From NavSource Online Landing Craft Tank (Mark 6): Laid down, 24 April 1944, at Quincy Barge Builders, Quincy, IL. Launched, 10 May 1944 Delivered and placed in service, 20 June 1944 During World War II LCT-1089 was assigned to the Asiatic-Pacific Theater LCT Flotilla 27, Group 81 (LT. W.B. Hazeltine) and participated in the: Luzon operation Lingayen Gulf landings, 9 to 18 January 1945 Placed out of service (date unknown) Final Disposition, fate unknown LCT-1089 earned one battle star for World War II service From Ship Building US Navy Landing Craft LCT(6) 1089 Jun-44 To Thailand 1946 From Mostly served as ferries on Chao Phraya river. From Pattaya A bit of interesting recent history. The HTMS Phetra participated in the removal and re-sinking of the Pak One, more commonly know as the "Vertical Wreck"
Here are a few other pictures and diagrams I was able to find about her and her class of ship

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