21-08-2012 Shu and Rihab

Posted on 08/22/12 No Comments Shu and Rihab, both living in Kuwait at the moment, who have come to Thailand a few times this past year, had done a Discover Scuba Diving day in Koh Tao the last visit to Thailand. They had planned to do their PADI Open Water course in the Red Sea but for various reasons ended up in Bangkok instead. Pattaya being the closest diving location to Bangkok, they contacted us though our site and decided to do their course with Adventure Divers, Pattaya. We got along very well from the start and did a crash course in two days. They had come well prepared, having watched the PADI Open Water Video and read the book before coming and did quite well academically. In the beginning, however, Rihab misrepresented her courage in the water and left us believing that she would have problems. As it turned out, she picked up the skills easily and has become a potentially very good diver. Shu had some buoyancy problems on the first day, but by our last dive had gotten that under good control. Great job to both of you and hopefully you will develop your skills with us in the near future.
Here is some video of their dives Thanks to the Ka'au Crater Boys for the great music

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