03-08-2012 Jimbo and Graham

Posted on 08/05/12 2 Comments In anticipation of diving on the HTMS Chang at Koh Chang in the near future, Jimbo has decided to work at perfecting his buoyancy while diving twins. On the second day we decided to work at it, Graham was lent my rig to see how he would like it. In spite of the warnings I gave him that he would like it, therefore being reduced to the prospect of having to buy more diving equipment, Graham gamely put on the gear a went for a couple of dives. Funny, on the way back to port that afternoon, over our after diving beers, Graham started to ask how much a new regulator would cost. That's what happens when you ignore the warning labels!!


  1. Jimbo says:
    Sunday, August 5, 2012 at 8:59pm

    “WARNING” Diving twins can seriously damage your pocket! LOL.


  2. Graham says:
    Sunday, August 5, 2012 at 5:38pm

    yip you win! This wreck diving trip to the Chang is going to cost me!! Hope I have enough spare baht for a couple of cold beers.
    Noticed you managed to edit all the clips that I was rolling about 🙂
    Thank you and Adventure Divers again for some great fun and diving on the Pattaya wrecks in the last two weeks


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