29-04-2012 Murat

Posted on 06/21/12 2 Comments Murat has been diving with us pretty regularly since the beginning of the year and is after the Masterdiver Certification. He has taken his Wreck Specialty and Search and Recovery Specialty in the past with us and this time he not only accomplished 3 other specs, Deep Diver, Navigation and Underwater Digital photography, but he managed to get his fiancee, Mei, to get her Open Water Diver Certificate. Great job this time around. He only needs to get the Rescue and Emergency First Responder courses out of the way and he should be really close to his Masterdiver Certification. Mei's Open Water Diver Certificate Murat has come a long way since he came diving with us and we appreciate diving with him. He is a lot of fun to dive with. We hope that Mei, his fiancee, will continue diving and progress up the "diving ladder" and participate in the sport of diving with relish.
Murat bought a Cannon G12 underwater camera and took the underwater Digital Photography Specialty. He took the following photos. His picture composition needs a little work but he'll get there soon.


  1. Murat says:
    Saturday, September 8, 2012 at 3:47pm

    Actually I was planning to give good news to Adventure Divers. This month September, I have a program to fly India next 11’th. And when my program fixed, I also plan to come Pattaya for my Rescue course and -may be- has a chance to dive together to new wreck. But my another Indian Agent also request my visit to him. So, I am fully book at September and need to go Korea begining of October. (and then Indonesia begining November)
    I hope, after second half of November, I am planning to come Adventure Divers for complate my courses and also -if posibble- enjoy new wreck dive.
    At the same time, I would like to inform Robert, I am agree about my new own regulator set. Before my trip I will inform you for arrange. (I am keeping the pictures for your remember.)
    May be a little postpone but wish to see you soon.
    Best Regards


    • Adventuredive says:
      Sunday, September 9, 2012 at 12:27pm

      Hey Murat

      I guess we will see you in November then for some diving. At this moment the new wreck has been postponed for sinking. I am not sure exactly why.

      Say hello to Mei



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