08-06-2012 Jonathan

Posted on 06/08/12 No Comments Jonathan Advanced Open Water DiverJonathan from Gent, Belgium, finished his PADI Advanced Open Water Course. After three years of inactivity Jonathan recalled his skills very quickly and progressed on the scuba diver education path. Jonathan is living on boat in Belgium, so to be on an another boat was very natural for him. The weather conditions in last days was not the best, but it was perfect for our training. Why to use a compass if you can see the boat from 50 meters? 🙂 If the visibility is around 3 meters, it makes sense to use one, right? Jonathan learned also how to dive in currents and avoid contact with sea urchins 🙂  Probably the dive on HTMS Kud was the most exciting for Jonathan, with plenty of fishes around. Well done Jonathan 🙂

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