24-01-2012 Kantharaj, Kaushik, Mukesh, Pavan, Suresh

Posted on 01/24/12 No Comments Kantharaj, Kaushik, Mukesh, Pavan, Suresh Discover Scuba DiversToday five guys - Kantharaj, Kaushik, Mukesh, Pavan and Suresh - from Bangalore, India came with us for a Discover Scuba Diving day. They where very excited about this new adventure. Mukesh organized this day for them and they are now very thankful for this to him. In the morning everyone did all the skills from confined water 1 so we were allowed to go for an open water dive too. The dive at North Rock in a light current and very good visibility made the day unforgettable. The guys now know how is it to blow bubbles underwater, so they are ready for a PADI Open Water Diver Course. 🙂

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