16-01-2012 Bogdan

Posted on 01/16/12 No Comments Bogdan PADI Deep DiverBogdan Padi Erinched Air and Underwater NavigatorCongratulation Bogdan! Bogdan absolved five PADI specialty courses in past days. After finishing his Advanced Open Water course eight days ago he immediately progressed to specialty courses. He did Deep Diver, Enriched Air Diver, Underwater Navigator, Wreck Diver and Search & Recovery Diver courses. Bogdan PADI Wreck DiverBogdan Search And Recovery DiverThe Master Scuba Diver rating is coming closer and closer.When Bogdan will come back in August this year we will have to do the Rescue Diver course and few more dives to reach the "black belt" in recreational diving. During the courses Bogdan learned a lot of usefull skills and learned also that the good planing and preparation can save a lot of problems and time. This will be especially usefull when we will search for missing diver during the Rescue course 🙂 Below is a video from the over 10 days period Bogdan spend with us:

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