Divers Helping Reefs: Pattaya Dive Center 19-Jan-2012

Posted on 01/15/12 No Comments PDC Cert of AppreciationThe owner of the Pattaya Dive Centre, Dave Wright, and I have been friends for quite a while and though, technically, we are competitors, we work together often, helping each other out when we can. Dave has been in the scuba diving industry for over twenty years, started when the industry was relatively new, and been established in Pattaya for most of his scuba diving career. He has seen Pattaya develop into the mega tourist place that it has become, with all of it's deficiencies and all of it's attractions. I am sure that he would agree that one major deficiencies is the lack of mooring facilities and practices control, which has resulted in massive coral destruction, mostly from anchor strikes. He can remember when most of the coral reefs here were pristine and like most of the divers who have been around for a while has despaired at the slow relentless destruction of our corals. When I told Dave of our initiative, Divers Helping Reefs, he did not hesitate to come aboard. Dave immediately donated 3000 Baht (about US $ 100) and requested that they be used on natural coral reefs, mentioning Koh Man Wichai. So since the buoys would be put in relatively shallow waters we have been able to allocate two mooring buoys, both on Koh Man Wichai, one which was deployed on 3 January, 2012 and the second on 19 January, 2012.
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We truly appreciate that Dave has contributed in the name of Pattaya Dive Centre, the first dive shop other than Adventure Divers to do. We hope that other dive shops in the area will do the same as they get as much benefit from Divers Helping Reefs as anyone does.

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