Divers Helping Reefs: Desi Doggart 11-Jan-2012

Posted on 01/15/12 No Comments Desi is a PADI Course Director who has been in the Pattaya area for a long time. He has seen various initiatives and efforts at managing and conservation of our marine assets. When he heard of Divers Helping Reefs he immediately donated 3000 Baht (about US $ 100) and volunteered to assist in the deployment of the buoy. He considered deploying it at Koh Sak and then through a few discussions Desi decided to deploy at Hat Nuan, a cove that years past was a truly spectacular coral dive site but unfortunately through constant bombardment of anchors, from dive boats, party boats, speed boats, private boats it has been reduced to around 50% rubble. Still, with enough buoys to make it easy for everyone to do the right thing, the area could indeed recover remarkably fast. Here are recent pictures taken at Hat Nuan; a coral right side upAnchor in the coralsupside down coraltopsiturvezcoral turned overCoral Upside down, turned by anchor  

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