Divers Helping Reefs: Dennis Adams 08-Jan-2012

Posted on 01/10/12 No Comments Dennis Adams Certification of AppreciationDennis, a PADI dive instructor, and his daughter Kerrie, working on her Divemaster certification, are pretty regular customers on our boat and always enthusiastic about our overnight trips. Being divers they both are concerned about the condition of our reefs and of the underwater environment in general. Sadly they did not have the time to participate in the deployment so we recruited the help of another, Graham, to help put this buoy down. We choose this wreck to put buoys down for several reasons. First, at the moment we have marked the wreck with a thin line to the tower and we do not want boats mooring on this marker as the line is not heavy enough and we do not want to rip off the mast of the wreck. Second once all markers are gone, few dive boats in the area have the equipment to locate the wreck accurately so they drag the bottom with heavy grappling hooks, hitting the wreck and damaging the structure and marine growth on these very prolific artificial reefs; and lastly, while divers are in the water, the boats have to motor around and pose a danger to divers doing free accents and we are worried that it will only be a matter of time before this type of accident will happen. Thanks to Dennis, who donated 3000 Baht (about US $100), which in combination with other donations enabled us to purchase materials for at least 9 buoys (depends on the depth for each buoy)
Here is the video of the buoy deployment

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