09-12-2011 Stephen Cohen

Posted on 12/10/11 1 Comment Steve Cohen Receiving Enriched Air Diver CertificationStephen, from Perth, Australia, a commercial diver of the coast of Australia, came to us today to get get his Enriched Air Diver Certificate. Already understanding concepts such as oxygen partial pressures and how ambient pressures affect PPO2s and already understanding oxygen toxicity and pulmonary oxygen exposure limits, Stephen was an easy student to teach. Our job was basically to show him how the PADI Tables work, which he commented that they were user friendly and intuitive. Not only did we do the Enriched Air Diver course, but we had two dives this day as well. Our first dive was on the HTMS Kut, breathing 34% Nitrox and managed a 42 minute dive on a well populated with marine life wreck and we were treated to a large Hawksbill Turtle dangling on the conning tower and sliding right above our heads. The second dive on Koh Krok was actually spectacular with life, and we encountered 3 different Hawksbill Turtles on 4 occasions. The day's diving was a tribute to Pattaya diving. Below are some pictures of the Koh Krok Turtles we found  
New lightly colored Hawksbill TurtleSteve and new Lightly colored Hawksbill TurtleHawksbill Turtle on watchSteve with Hawksbill TurtleMiddle Hawksbill Turtle restingOld Hawsbill Turtle on Koh KrokSteve and old Hawsbill TurtleMiddle Hawksbill Turtle inHawksbill Turtle with Steve                             Here is an uncut video of two of the turtles    

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  1. Steve says:
    Sunday, December 11, 2011 at 7:25pm

    Great pictures from a great day out.
    Cheers Rob.


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