Jim Munday 30-Nov-2011 : North Rock : Southwest and Northeast Reef

Posted on 11/30/11 No Comments Today we installed our second and third "Divers Helping Reefs" mooring buoys on North Rock, on two different areas that are popular for scuba diving operators to do Discover Scuba Diving programs. In fairly shallow waters local dive operators preferred to anchor quite close to the island and often destroy corals. Now these two reefs will be spared the stress of this practice. Jimbo Helping ReefsThese two areas are part of a large reef surrounding North Rock that happens to be the Pattaya area's best coral reef dive site and is one of Jim's favorite dive sites. Since Jim had directly witnessed many boat dropping anchors directly on the reef he chose to do something about it - Divers Helping Reefs. Jim donated $100 USD (about 3000 Baht) we went out and found a supplier that sells 7/8 inch marine grade quality nylon rope at 40 Baht a meter. We purchased 50 meters of rope, some plastic tubing as rope protector and two 20 liter jugs as buoys. Mission accomplished today. And here is the movie:   Divers Helping Reefs: Map of North Rock Mooring Buoys

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