24-11-2011 Ron, Ampai and Yousef

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Wreck Scuba DiversWOW!!!! What a day's diving we had today. It is not often when we only have Advanced Open Water Divers and above on board but the days it happens, here at Adventure Divers, we try to take advantage of it. And, today, what a great day it turned out to be. Everyone on board agreed to dive the HTMS Khram twice today and I guarantee that no one regretted doing it. The visibility turned out to be GREAT!!! for Pattaya.  Up to 12 or optimistically 15 meters on the wreck!! And the wild life was absolutely spectacular. Turtles, Big Barracudas, Massive Schools of Juvenile Barracudas, Schools of Big Sweetlips, Waterfalls of Yellow Jacks, Even a small Moray Eel, the absolute first we have seen on a wreck this deep!!!

Ampai Enriched Air Nitrox DiverEvery one on Nitrox 36 and plus, most of us had 110 minute on the HTMS Khram in one day. Not bad for recreational diving!! And to top it all off, most of us were carrying underwater cameras and we will definitely put together an exciting video and some photo galleries in the immediate future.

Ampai even had the chance to qualify as a Enriched Air Diver today. Congratulations to her for sticking to it after a long day of world class diving, here in Pattaya, Thailand!


  1. Neo says:
    Thursday, November 24, 2011 at 9:30pm

    My two longest dives on the amazing Khram today, 110 minutes. What a great dive! Truly Amazing!

    Where else can you dive in Thailand where you can do amazing wreck dives teaming with wild life, logging 110 minutes of bottom time in two dives?!

    Only at Adventure Divers Pattaya! Thank You!


  2. Ron Meijerhof says:
    Thursday, November 24, 2011 at 8:51pm

    It was indeed a great day with fantastic diving. Especially the big turtle and the massive barracuda’s made it something to remember. Thanks again for a great day of diving, for all the good care that you provided and for the very professional way of organizing the day. A big compliment.


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