Belt Pockets

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If you wear a harness in lieu of a standard BCD then maybe you will find yourself a bit short on storage space for the small but all so important items. Why not have some pockets which will attach to the belt on your harness (or weight belt if you prefer)? These pockets have been specifically designed with this in mind.
These belt pockets are constructed from 100 denier "Cordura" fabric which makes them very tough and resistant to abrasion and they are  fitted with twin stainless steel eyelets in the bottom to assure swift drainage. They can be made to your own required dimensions so they fit snugly within your chosen scuba system. The pockets shown here have a YKK heavy duty zipper in the top and an internal D ring to secure lanyards for maximum security but can be made with Velcro closure flap if you prefer.
Belt pockets with zippers

Belt pockets with zippers


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