Divers Helping Reefs

Posted on 11/15/11 2 Comments For most divers, one thing is guaranteed, the more time you spend in ocean, the more you develop a love for the marine environment. Many divers, on their own, will begin to pick up bits of trash they find in reefs and put the trash in their BCD pockets on their dives. Many divers will find the best use of their dive knife is to cut and extract the abandoned fish nets that are smothering and killing reefs. Divers love coral reefs and love to help reefs.
Scuba diving operators also love reefs, as the health of coral reefs is the mainstay of their diving business. Most dive operators will work hard to insure their captains do not drop anchor in coral reefs. Unfortunately, there are exceptions and a few dive boats will anchor in coral reefs in order to get their divers as close to the reef as possible, 'accidentally' destroying the coral reef, each time they dive. "Divers Helping Reefs" means actively doing something now to help stop coral and reef damage.
Many dive destinations around the world have created cooperatives where local dive operators or the local governments will insure mooring buoys are available near coral reefs. Mooring buoys, when properly installed and used, keep anchors out of the water and out of the corals and on the boat where heavy metal anchors can do no damage. Unfortunately, though we have been trying to organize such a cooperation, bureaucracy moves slowly and in the mean time corals are being damaged by all sorts of recreational boats, from small speed boats to large day party boats. So, this is the genesis, our motivation, for Adventure Divers Pattaya, to start a new grass roots project we call "Divers Helping Reefs". Our main goal is to help protect reefs by putting mooring buoys in selected, important dive sites.  We will start this project, with little fanfare, at North Rock in Pattaya, Thailand. As we thought about this project, we decided to permit anyone to "Claim a Reef" by donating around $100, which covers only the cost of the rope, and for a minimal mooring buoy.  Adventure Divers Pattaya will donate our dive boat, the diesel, divers (manpower), and other logistical expenses for  our new "Divers Helping Reefs" project. In addition, we have created a 'Claim a Reef' page, where people who have donated will be listed as part of the "Divers Helping Reefs" project.   We will also create 'Reef Maps' of locations where mooring buoys  have been installed, need to be installed, or need to be replaced, in order of the reefs deemed to be in the most danger. Divers Helping Reefs: Site Maps of Mooring Buoys; Initially, you can "Claim A Reef" by donating below. 100% of all donations will go toward mooring buoy materials and expenses documented on our "Divers Helping Reefs" expenses page.  


  1. nathan says:
    Monday, January 2, 2012 at 9:56pm

    Hi my Nathan myself and some guys on my team would like to do some dives on the 6th or maybe the 9th. We are divers by trade and I was wounderin what dives you would recommend and what the price would be per person?

    V/R Nathan


    • Adventuredive says:
      Thursday, January 5, 2012 at 5:08pm

      Hey Nathan

      I would suggest diving the HTMS Khram. It is by far our best dive in the Pattaya Area.

      Go to Dive Sites on the menu then HTMS Khram to learn more. Then go to Adventures the to Fun Diving Web Promotion to get the prices.

      Best Regards



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