Our Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV) Fleet

Posted on 11/06/11 2 Comments Adventure Divers Pattaya has a small fleet of DPVs (six) for your enjoyment. We are currently in process of upgrading our DPVs for your diving pleasure. Dive Propulsion Vehicle
      DPV Model: Reef Asia CE
      Net Weight: 8.4 kg (12Ah battery included)
      Run time: Over 1.5 hour in normal use - up to 60 minutes in continuous use
      Maximum depth: 25 meters
      Rechargeable battery (lead acid)
      Speed: Up to 4.8km/h
        Battery Capacity: 12 Ah (12v) - 70 minutes
      Dimensions: 597 x 366 x 311 mm

    Update: Please note we are currently looking into replacing our Reef Asia DPVs, so please check with us on the current status of our DPV fleet. If you have any high quality DPVs for sale in Thailand, please post a comment below. We are interested. Thanks!


  1. Kim Krogh Jensen says:
    Saturday, March 24, 2012 at 9:28pm

    Dear Adventure Divers Team.

    Im strongly considering byuing 1 of these DPV’s, and as Im going on holiday to Thailand this summer, I wondered if its possible to buy there, and whats the pricerange?
    Do Yiu sell it, or can You recommend a dealer in either Bangkok or Koh Samui?

    Best regards


    • Adventuredive says:
      Monday, March 26, 2012 at 9:08am

      Hello Kim

      I do not recommend buying them in Thailand as the import taxes are so high and generally what you will find here is low quality Chinese made ones. You are better off buying a better quality one from somewhere else and bringing in as as personal property.


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