Wetsuit Repairs and Alterations

Posted on 11/04/11 2 Comments   Do you have a "Standard" sized body? What is "Standard" size? Up until now you have probably had to make do with the best fit. Not any longer! We can lengthen or shorten arms and legs, reduce waistlines and other measurements so your wetsuit fits you as it was intended to. It will be warmer and more comfortable and may even save you the expense of buying a new one. Recycling your old suit is also a positive step in saving the environment. Maybe you would like zippers fitted. We can do that for you. We only use the finest quality "YKK" heavy duty plastic zippers and finest quality polyester threads. If your wetsuit only needs a patch we can mend that too or if the stitching is coming apart we can fix it. Bring your wetsuit along with you and we will measure you up and discuss your requirements  
Wetsuit Repairs and Alterations

Wetsuit Repairs and Alterations


  1. Bram says:
    Wednesday, April 3, 2013 at 10:53am

    Hi, i am a padi dive instructor based in koh chang. Recently i broke the zipper of my XXXL 3mm wetsuit. And i also need to replace the battery of my gekko dive computer, i also need a new plastic cover for it.
    Can adventure divers help me out with this?
    I will be in Pattaya from the 15th until the 19th of april.
    Friendly greets


    • Jimbo says:
      Thursday, April 4, 2013 at 10:05am

      Hi Bram, When you are in Pattaya please bring your wetsuit into Adventure Divers shop and ask my wife, Toy, to have a look at it. I am confident we can put a new zipper in it if we have one the right size. As for your Gecko, you can get a new plastic scratch guard and battery for it at Dive Supply in Whitesands, Koh Chang.

      Look forward to seeing you!



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