Nov 26-27 Liberty Wrecks Overnight Trip

Posted on 09/30/11 1 Comment As part of our special exciting dive trips campaign we are planning for November 26 through 27, another trip to the Liberty Wrecks. We had a scheduled trip to these wrecks in September but unfortunately had to cancel it for lack of participation. Hopefully in October there will be more people around and we will be able to get the necessary numbers to make it work. Also we will change the itinerary a little to maybe make it more attractive. The scuba diving boat, MV Saifon, will leave the late morning of Saturday,Nov.26, 2011, at around 1030 hours. We will steam throughout the day whilst serving lunch and getting our kit set up. We should arrive around 1600 Hrs. when we will do a day dive on Wreck #1. All of the wrecks lie at between 24 and 27 meters so on nitrox 36% we should have a bottom time of over 45 minutes on each. Then we will remain on site, have dinner and wait for the best currents to arrive, estimated around 2030, when we will do a night dive on Wreck #1. We should all be out of the water by 2130 Hrs. when we can set up our kit for the morning and get comfortable for the night. The next morning after a quick breakfast we will dive Wreck #2 and after a couple of hours surface interval and lunch, we will Wreck #3, if we can find it this time, ( I do have two GPS marks for it this time) or if necessary we can do another dive on one of the first two wrecks. If we can stay on schedule we should start steaming back to Pattaya Bali Hai Pier by 1200 hours and make it back by Sunday, Nov. 27, 1700 hours. Sandwiches will served on the way back. This trip is for Advanced Open Water divers or the Confident Diver only. The Enriched Air Diver Qualification is highly recommended but divers who do not possess this qualification can receive it in conjunction with this trip. The above itinerary is contingent on a minimum booking of 10 divers. Full refund if condition not met. The above itinerary is contingent on weather conditions. Full refund available if weathered out before we go out. Included for the Liberty Wrecks Trip :
  • Transportation from Pattaya to the Pier and back to Pattaya
  • Delicious Thai and western food, cooked on board, for lunch and Dinner
  • Breakfast
  • Water, coffee, tea, all day
  • Assorted tropical Thai fruit
  • Sandwiches for after dive snacks on the trip back
  • 3 tanks nitrox
Price for this trip is 7500 Baht Price for this trip including Enriched Air Diver Certification is 13000 Baht

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  1. Dennis Adams says:
    Sunday, October 30, 2011 at 11:26pm

    Hi Robert,

    Please can you put Kerrie and myself down again for this trip, thank you.


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