Oct. 22-23 Samaesan Trip

Posted on 09/22/11 2 Comments Hey Adventure Divers The last trip to Samaesan was a complete success with only one squall for around an hour to dampen the whole trip and waves in the morning forced us to do plan "B" for the morning dive. So on October 22 to 23 we plan to do another one. We will have very favorable tides those two days for the following agenda. October  22,  0830, leave Bali Hai Pier. Arrive to the Bremen Wreck around 1030 and do a dive on her till around 1130. We will eat lunch while steaming towards Samaesan arriving around 1330 and have a wreck dive an the Hardeep Wreck. After a quick surface interval we will do a very nice coral dive on what we know as Shark Fin Rock. Then we will go to a protected bay near by and have a long surface interval with dinner till we go and have a night dive on the Hardeep Wreck around 2000 hrs. In the morning after "camping out" on board we will have a nice breakfast and the do a coral dive hopefully on what we know as The Japanese Gardens. Then an hour surface interval and another dive on the Hardeep Wreck, followed by one more spectacular dive on Shark Fin Rock after which we will transfer everybody to Samaesan Pier to awaiting taxis to be driven back to Pattaya hopefully by 1600 hrs.   The above trip is for Advanced Open Water Divers and above. Enriched Air Diver Qualification is highly recommended but divers who do not possess this qualification may obtain in conjunction with this trip.   The Above itinerary is contingent to sufficient participation. Full refund if condition not met. The above itinerary is contingent on weather conditions. Full refund available if weathered out before we go out. Included for the Overnight :
  • Transportation from Pattaya to the Pier and back to Pattaya from Sameasan
  • Delicious Thai and western food, cooked on board, for lunches and Dinner
  • Breakfast
  • Water, coffee, tea, all day
  • Assorted tropical Thai fruit
  • Sandwiches for after dive snacks in the afternoons
Not included for the overnight:
  • Rental Gear
  • Nitrox (can be purchased on the Trip)
Price for this adventure is 7500 Baht


  1. Dan says:
    Wednesday, September 14, 2011 at 2:45am

    Is there a post and pictures from the first trip? We were thinking about joining this trip but could not find any trip report. Thanks.


    • Robert Camp says:
      Wednesday, September 14, 2011 at 1:11pm

      Hey Dan

      Yes I have made Pictures of the trip and will try to get to doing a post soon. We have been a bit short handed the past 2 months.


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