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Posted on 07/04/11 1 Comment If you are a confident diver who wants to improve their confidence and underwater skills there are compelling reasons that you want to dive with Adventure Divers. First, we at Adventure Divers all are here because we love diving, especially challenging Diving. Underwater Navigation in difficult conditions, Wreck Diving with deep penetrations, good Buoyancy control, Wreck Diving under strong currents. All of these types of diving can be done surprisingly easily when the confidence is there and a little knowledge of how to handle these conditions. Even if you are not presently enrolled in a Specialty Course but you show interest in learning we love to "grow" our diver's skills and coax them to their limits and show them how to Lead a Dive, or how to do (at first, mild) Wreck Penetrations, or take the Confident Diver a little Deeper, or how to have Fun in a Ripping Current. Of course, after the Confident Divers has experienced these thrills with us and if the Diver wants to have the Specialty Certifications then we at Adventure Divers can do the courses with them. We also welcome SDI Qualified Solo Divers or we can qualify those who are interested in that specialty. Technical Diving and Closed Circuit Rebreather practice can be done on our Scuba Diving Boat or we can do some actual long Decompression Dives on a specially charted boat. We can supply any Scuba Breathing Gas requested. Finally, we try to schedule at least every couple of months Exciting Adventure Expeditions such as overnight "Camp Aboard" trips to some of the many wrecks and better coral dives that few others do. So, if you are a diver with an adventurous spirit, dive with Adventure Divers. Back To Why Dive With Us

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  1. Neo says:
    Wednesday, July 6, 2011 at 7:47pm

    Excellent post and definitely speaks to the quality and theme of Adventure Divers Pattaya.

    Thanks Robert!


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