Question on Pattaya Area Currents?

Posted on 01/26/11 1 Comment Hey Robert, I used to think that currents in Pattaya move from North to South (falling tides) and South to North (rising tides) but then I noticed they moved more NE to SW and SW to NW. What is going on? Help!

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  1. Adventuredive says:
    Friday, January 28, 2011 at 7:03pm

    Generally you can look at the tides producing a north to south or vise verse current and with that outlook you can generally plan your dives accordingly. How ever, currents will form eddies as they whip around island structures, that is to say they will form a large, slow whirlpool so that when you dive through this the currents in the immediate area you’re in may actually be going the complete opposite direction you expected. Generally if you swim through a while you will get out of it’s effect.


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